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Kyoto Journal – An Elegant Appreciation of Culture and Creativity

I’ve read quite a few Japan-related magazines and I’ve always learned a little bit more about the Land of the Rising Sun from each one of them but Kyoto Journal is the most insightful and beautifully presented magazine I’ve read so far. The stylish front cover, the glossy pages with stunning photographs and the thought-provoking […]

Can you visit Tokyo on a budget?

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world but it’s certainly possible to visit Japan’s capital without breaking the bank. If you’re thinking about travelling to Japan, don’t be put off by stories of how expensive it is. Below are some great suggestions to help turn your dream into a reality so […]


Westerners are often fascinated by the Japanese geisha and their so-called flower and willow world. A well-known book by Arthur Golden called Memoirs of a Geisha turned out to be a best-seller. However, this book did receive a lot of criticism from the geisha in Japan for being highly inaccurate.  Below, I’ve listed several other […]