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Some Thoughts on 2020, Coronavirus and Emergency Remote Teaching by Dr Eleanor Yamaguchi

This month, it’s a great honour and pleasure for me to share the following blog post by Dr Eleanor Yamaguchi. Originally from the UK, this highly educated Japanophile has been living in the Land of the Rising Sun for a third of her lifespan. Dr Yamaguchi is currently working as an Associate Professor at Kyoto Prefectural […]

18 Delicious Dishes to Order at An Izakaya and Why You Have to Dine at These Gastropubs When You’re in Japan

Most people travelling to Japan want to experience the real deal but what is one of the best ways to find out what Japanese people are really like? All you have to do is eat at an izakaya, a type of Japanese gastropub! The 18 delicious dishes you can try at an izakaya are at […]

Spectacular Cherry Blossom Photos by Award-Winning Australian Photographers in Japan

It’s that time of the year again when the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom in Japan and everyone in the Land of the Rising Sun is looking forward to celebrating this magnificent seasonal display of delicate pink and white blossoms with hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties and picnics. Unfortunately, I live in the United […]