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Sakura 桜 (Cherry Blossoms) — A True Story by Don MacLaren

In celebration of the cherry blossom season in Japan, here’s a slightly steamy true story about love, passion, feelings, and the transient nature of life titled “Sakura 桜 (Cherry Blossoms)” by Don MacLaren, an accomplished writer and Japanologist. MacLaren spent many years living and working in Japan. His understanding of the way Japanese people think […]

The Importance of Cherry Blossoms in Japan in the 21st Century

I’ve already explained the significance of cherry blossoms (or sakura as they’re known in Japan) and how they represent the impermanence and fragility of life but I want to discuss their importance in the 21st century in this blog post and why they should be so highly regarded and valued now more than ever before. […]

Guest Post with Ms. Sanja Željeznjak – Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

Recently, I was contacted by Sanja Željeznjak (pictured below) from Croatia who told me how much she enjoyed reading my Cherry Blossom Stories Blog. Naturally, I was very grateful for her kind words and her encouragement. In her message, Sanja asked me to take a look at her blog and I’m very pleased that I […]