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A Little Intro
In the year 2060, Poppy and her husband Oliver Montgomery travel to Japan for a six-month stint in Tokyo. Oliver, a recent Cambridge University graduate, can’t wait to start working as an executive managing director for a prestigious company specializing in the production of androids. His devoted wife, Poppy, is looking forward to shopping in the space-age department stores and finding out more about Japanese culture.

When this British couple begin their new life in Tokyo, they are fascinated by all the latest cutting-edge technology in Japan and thrilled with the ultra-modern features and appliances in their luxurious new home. Poppy is even more delighted when her husband’s new company lends her a personal android for three days. Little do Poppy and Oliver know, this state-of-the-art android hides a sinister secret that is about to turn their dreams of a wonderful life in Tokyo into a disaster.

Tokyo 2060 is a riveting sci-fi novelette. This story will fascinate anyone interested in Japan or futuristic technology.

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