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New Short Story: Three Wishes for a Genie in Japan

A lonely middle-aged man gets a surprise visit from a beautiful genie in Tokyo. This magical encounter changes their future in ways they could never have imagined! It’s a story about selfless acts of kindness, love and hope, and an appreciation of the Japanese culture. “You know what Hana, women are the cause of all […]

Sakura 桜 (Cherry Blossoms) — A True Story by Don MacLaren

In celebration of the cherry blossom season in Japan, here’s a slightly steamy true story about love, passion, feelings, and the transient nature of life titled “Sakura 桜 (Cherry Blossoms)” by Don MacLaren, an accomplished writer and Japanologist. MacLaren spent many years living and working in Japan. His understanding of the way Japanese people think […]

Stick Out Your Tongue in Secret — My Murakami-esque Short Story for Books on Asia

My latest short story pays homage to the genre of magical realism and Japan’s bestselling novelist Haruki Murakami. Read the full story for free on Books on Asia. Stick Out Your Tongue in Secret – A Murakami-esque Short Story It was the most traumatic night of my young life. A chilling experience for a thirteen-year-old […]

A Delightful Short Story from The Pillow Book by Sei Shōnagon

I’m currently reading The Pillow Book, a 10th century Japanese diary from the Heian period. This book is a fascinating journal written by a poet and author called Sei Shōnagon, a court lady who served Empress Consort Teishi just over 1,000 years ago. Through her observations and musings, Shōnagon has provided incredible insight into court life […]