Q&A with Tokyo Luxe

Last week on Twitter I connected with a wonderful company called Tokyo Luxe, a luxury concierge Tokyo Luxeservice in Tokyo. Tokyo Luxe caters for high-end individuals, celebrities and VIPs. They also look after business professionals, tourists, and families who are looking for an unforgettable experience in Tokyo that will exceed their expectations.

I was really impressed with their services so I asked Tokyo Luxe if they wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. I received a reply straight away. They were more than happy to share information about their company and what they do to make sure all their clients enjoy a variety of deluxe experiences in Tokyo. You can read the Q&A below. I’m sure you’ll think their answers are very interesting.

Visit the Tokyo Luxe website if you’re looking for a luxury stay in Tokyo or if you think your client or company could benefit from their services.


1. You’re a Tokyo Concierge service. What does this mean?

We offer a luxurious lifestyle for busy individuals as well as family members by providing them with a once in a lifetime experience. Our main services (but not limited to) are food tours, transportation around the city, concert tickets and exclusive backstage access passes.

2. What are the most popular services you offer?

Tokyo has consistently been awarded the city with more stars than Paris in the Michelin Guide from 2013 and Tokyo offers one of the most diverse dining experiences in the world. Our itineraries for our clients have proven this to be the case. Our fine dining tours are one of the most popular services that we offer here. We have looked after professional chefs from Vancouver and the U.S in the past. These chefs had a strong urge to come to Japan to experience the Japanese traditional ambiance and the exquisite taste of Japanese cuisines. Now these chefs are known world-wide and they are on the news everywhere in Canada.


3. How many people are on your team and where do they come from?

We are a very small team of three. Sometimes when we receive a lot of inquiries, we have other members who can assist us per project. We were all born and raised in Tokyo but we studied in Canada and the U.S. during our university years a long time ago.

4. What languages do your staff members speak?

We are all bi-lingual speakers: Japanese and English.

5. Do you also look after celebrities and do these celebrities require a different kind of service?

Our motto for our company is to customize every itinerary based on our clientele’s needs and wants. Whether they are a celebrity or not, we create an itinerary based on their interests and dreams to create a unique experience while they stay here. (Yes, we are dreamers too!). Although we are not a tour guide company, we meet and greet with every visitor upon their arrival to accommodate them with their special needs.

6. Are your services expensive?

The fee would depend on what their chosen interests and services are. Usually a meal/per person would be around $300 +. However, we do make sure we cover families as well and we ensure our services are reasonable and affordable for everyone. It can range from $20 + (ticket purchase) and it depends thereafter on what services they may add, therefore the prices could vary.

7. What criteria do your services have to meet?

We do not have criteria per se. Our goal is to provide for and accommodate our clients of all ages so they can take back to their home country their exclusive and exceptional memories of their beautiful experiences in Japan.

8. What are your favorite parts of Tokyo?

My favorite part of Tokyo would be the services here. I’ve traveled around the world as a child, but I’ve never encountered the same experience in other countries like I receive here on a daily basis. People are punctual with time, very professional for work, and respectful to each other and I believe this is why the concept of “omotenashi” was spotlighted in the candidature speech for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. We’d like to take this concept to another level and really provide an impact by showing our clients the beauty of Japan. It’s important to us to treat our clients with care and show great hospitality.

9. Which shopping areas do you recommend for your personal shopping tours?

It would depend on what you are looking for but for all the ladies out there, I would recommend Ginza or Omotesando. They are a couple of the trendiest high-end places to shop in Tokyo with unique buildings that add another layer of luxury to the shopping experience.

10. What tours do you recommend to people who have never been to Tokyo before?

Unfortunately, we are not a tour guide so we do not tour with our clients, but one of our most popular services would be the Hummer ride around Tokyo for two hours. Our clientele have such a great time doing this because they can experience an overview of city life within a short period of time. Another popular service would be our food tours. People are naturally curious about dining at exclusive spots in Japan. They watch movies and read documentaries about Japan and they are excited to see if these sources ring true. Our role here is to exceed their expectations by guiding them to hidden spots that only locals would know. I think this differentiates our services to other companies and we also like to keep it personal and exclusive.

11. What tours do you offer people who have been to Japan many times?

I would recommend our favorite spots. We are foodies ourselves so definitely our favorite restaurants would be something that we would love to share.

12. Have you ever had any strange or unusual requests?

It’s funny that you’ve asked us this question because lots of people do wonder the same thing. The terminology “VIP” does create a certain image but we are so fortunate that we’ve only had requests from kind and straightforward clients from all over the world. We received a lot of referrals from our previous clients who we have assisted in the past. They were equally just as great as our new clients. I think it’s important to be humble about these things but I cannot express how lucky and grateful we are to be able to assist professional and creative individuals all around the world.

Thank you Tokyo Luxe for answering all these questions. I really appreciate it.