Book Cover for Tokyo Tales: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories

I’m so pleased to show you the front and back cover for my exciting new book, which will be available in just a few weeks, called Tokyo Tales: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories. Yoshimi Ohtani has provided a gorgeous illustration to complement the wonderful work by my graphic designer Cathy Helms at Avalon Graphics.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate Yoshimi Ohtani’s beautiful image of Mount Fuji on the back cover. As you’re probably aware, this sacred mountain was granted UNESCO cultural World Heritage status in 2013.

Yoshimi Ohtani has also created a stunning image for the front cover. It features a Japanese girl in an elaborate kimono standing next to the Shinkansen Bullet Train – another symbol of Japan that has always been revered on an international scale for its incredible speeds, reliability, comfort and futuristic designs.

When my husband joined me on my most recent trip to Japan he absolutely loved travelling on the Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto and back to the capital again. In fact, it was his favourite experience throughout the whole trip so he really appreciates the image of the Shinkansen on the front cover of my latest book.

Tokyo Tales: A Collection of Japanese Short Stories will be available as an eBook in just a couple of weeks so please visit my Cherry Blossom Stories Blog again to find out when you can buy a copy of the book. The paperback version will be available later in 2014.

Tokyo Tales Cover


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